“Human Rights” Group Says Israel isn’t a Democracy, It’s An ‘Apartheid Regime,’

European-funded anti-Israel “Human Rights” organization B’Tselem, with little or no domestic support, seems to have kicked off their 2021 fundraising campaign with a claim that Israel is an “Apartheid Regime”. To clarify, Apartheid is a government whose laws discriminate against individuals due to race. As you may know, the “Peace Industry” is a large one with Trillions of dollars being invested into thousands of organizations from global initiatives to grassroots. B’Tselem’s in right in the midst of this industry and whose self-interest is to perpetuate this conflict and deceive the world in order to keep the money flowing and to stay ‘relevant’. But what happens if we scratch the surface beyond their erroneous claims?

B’Tselem claims is that “More than 14 million people, roughly half of them Jews and the other half Palestinians, live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea under a single rule,” B’Tselem said in a new analysis titled: “A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid.”

Two Questions For B’Tselem:

  1. Does Israel have legal authority over all people in the regions of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and Gaza? If so, we should revisit what the Olso Accords agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority meant when it had created a Palestinian Authority tasked with limited self-governance over their own people, separate from the governance by Israeli authorities. If “Human Rights” groups like B’Tselem believe that Israeli authorities are responsible, let them promote the application of Israeli law throughout this land and call for the disbanding of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.
  2. Apartheid, as you accuse Israel of, is a system of institutionalized racial segregation. Which Israeli law for Israeli citizens segregates and discriminates and how does it look from the ground? While Israel has no segregation laws based on race, some may even say that Arab Israelis get preferential treatment when it comes to University admissions, Medical School admissions, and social programs in order to boost this sector of Israeli society. The following pictorial essay compares South African Apartheid with the reality of the lives of Israeli Arabs in Israel (20% of the population)