Trump: A Dream Coming to an End for Israel

It’s no secret that the US is a global superpower with the ability to put its thumb on the scale. To generate global consensus on issues, to leverage relationships and cooperation in order to fulfill the self-interests of the United States. And for the last 4 years, one could make the argument that the foreign policies of the Trump administration were anything but unifying on the global stage. That the Trump administration went against a consensus in the UN and against the EU. Perhaps that is why we, here in Israel, are thankful for the courage of the outgoing administration in flipping the table on foreign policy narratives when it comes to the Jewish State.

To begin with, we can see here in 30 seconds what was the general consensus from the last 70 plus years was; John Kerry discussing at an open forum where he states confidently that ‘There will be no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world”.


But it was this narrative the Trump administration reassessed and ultimately removed from its own policy framework paving the way to a new reality for Israel; an almost dream-like reality.

The following are a number of US policies that were initiated under the Trump administration. All of which went against consensus and all of which resulted in a more peaceful outcome for both Israel and the Arab world.

  1. Moving US embassy to Jerusalem – Recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
  2. Recognition of Golan Heights – Removing any fantasy that the repressive Assad regime of Syria will once again have a military presence breathing down the neck of Israel.
  3. Freezing Funding to PA –  Following the murder of a US citizen by Arab terrorists, it was brought to the attention that these convicted terrorists within Israeli jails were getting compensation from Palestinian Authority money, much of it coming from international humanitarian aid.
  4. Ending the Iran Deal – The terrible Iran deal which was signed from a weak position by the Obama administration simply delayed Iran’s legal ability to develop weapons-grade nuclear fuel. When this deal was to expire, Iran would have gotten what it wanted, a green light to manufacture nukes creating regional instability and power over Israel and the Gulf states.
  5. Abraham Accords – Normalized Israel’s relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain which was a clear 180 from the previous administration’s premise that peace in the Middle East was reliant on the Israel-Palestinian question. To date, Morocco, Sudan, and other Muslim states have joined the ranks in those seeking normalization over war.

One may not like Trump’s domestic policy, his personality, his conservative views, and that is fine. But one thing we should make sure of is that despite what we all may or may not think of Trump, his policies towards Israel will always be seen as a pivotal moment in the history of the Jewish people paving the way to a new narrative, one that builds relationships, cooperations, and peace. And for that, all those who love Israel and see it as a beacon of light should have nothing but gratitude for the outgoing 45th president of the United States.