COVID Brings Ireland to Israel’s Doorstep despite a History of BDS

It’s no secret that Israel and Irish relations have been anything but warm. Despite UN recognition of Israel in 1948 as an independent state amongst the global community, it took Ireland an additional 15 years to also extend this recognition to the modern Jewish state and an additional 12 years, in 1975, to established diplomatic relations.

In January of 2020, just 12 months ago, Ireland advanced a bill that would have prevented the sale of goods from Israel’s heartland, Judea and Samaria, or what they called “illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.”

Fast forward to today, as reported by the Jerusalem Post: “400 UK, Ireland buses COVID-free thanks to Israeli technology”. The critical air purification technology was recently installed into 400 busses and uses three methods to kill coronavirus and informs passengers on the state of seven air quality indexes in their vehicle.

Originally tested at Sheba Medical Center, where it is still in use today, the system was found to be more than 99.9% effective in disinfecting indoor air from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds and catching particles that can cause sickness.

Just like we see with Palestinian Authority Arabs, Many within the Irish Republic have sought to do anything in their power to undermine the Jewish State, support terror and war against Israel, yet when push comes to shove and their health is on the line, there is one nation which they come to, Israel.

Over 6% of the Irish GDP comes through tourism. And as Israel created a safe environment for travel within Ireland, they are also reviving a devastated sector and adding jobs to their economy, quite the opposite to what they sought to do to Israel.