Israel Activists Takes One from the BDS Playbook

Gedaliah and Elisheva Blum, activists for a stronger Israel, are taking the globe by storm with their new initiative, First Fruits, in order to strengthen Israel’s Heartland, Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley.

In 2008, as the BDS Movement began to target business owners within Judea and Samaria, Gedaliah and Elisheva responded by creating the first all-inclusive list of Israeli businesses within this contested region.

“We knew that while BDS was showing its ugly face, there was a silent majority of people who supported the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland, they just didn’t have a ‘call to action’ to respond. So we created one”. Gedaliah explained.

As small businesses are responsible for more than 70% job growth in most communities, it was no wonder why the antisemites and jihad supporters took aim at them. They knew that these small business owners were the lifeblood of the region.

After 12 years and working to develop the tools needed for more than 3000 family-run business owners to grow and thrive, this local initiative has recently opened up to global support for Israel with First Fruits.

“We knew we were sitting on a huge opportunity to change the fact on the ground in a big way within Judea and Samaria. We just needed to figure out a way to attract people throughout the world to take part, to join us in this most beautiful story, the Jewish people returning and rebuilding in our ancestral homeland”, Elisheva explained.

The initiative has already garnered support from dozens of people from North America, South Africa, India, Germany, Australia, Israel, and more raising more than $14,000 which will be directly invested in a dozen individual small businesses over the next 12 months. Their goal is to expand enough to help thousands of business owners.

Gedaliah continues to explain, “We learned from the BDS Movement that you can make a lot of noise and have a huge impact if there was only something to unite around. First Fruits is this place to unite, a banner to march under. This is the most important call to action for all Israel supporters who believe that Jews have rights to their land”.

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