US Congress Woman to Fly “The Star & Stripes” in the Face of Rashida Tlaib

When incoming US Florida State Congresswoman and friend of Israel Kat Cammack learned that her new office in the Capitol building will be right next door to squad member Rashida Tlaib, she didn’t put in a request to relocate. Instead, she vowed to fly the flag representing all that is good in the Middle East, the ‘Star and Stripes’, the flag of Israel.

In a recent post on Twitter, Cammack wrote:

While foreign symbols such as the Israeli flag, seem to not have a place within the institutions of the highest levels of US government, it was in Rashida Tlaib who has been injecting the hate-narrative against Israel posing with Palestinian Flags and inviting people like Abbas Hamideh to her events, an Arab activist who has said that Israel is a “terrorist entity”.

When January 20 arrives and Rashida Tlaib moves back into her office, she will no longer be faced by a scared and silenced neighbor. Instead, a proud American patriot who loves America because of the values which it holds sacred, those same values shown within the only free nation in the Middle East, Israel…Because we all know that when you target Israel, you target the USA.