Terror in Canada: 2 murdered, 5 injured by Muslim terrorist armed with a sword in Quebec

BREAKING: At least two people have been murdered and five more wounded in the Canadian city of Quebec after a Muslim terrorist wearing a samurai garb and armed with a sword went on a stabbing rampage on Halloween.

A 24-year-old Muslim terrorist was arrested late on Saturday night near the provincial parliament building after a citywide manhunt.

Police described the terrorist as wearing ‘medieval clothes’ and local sources reported that he was dressed as a samurai. The attack occurred on Halloween when such costumes would not necessarily raise alarm.

Residents are still being told to stay inside as an investigation is underway.

After his arrest, the terrorist was taken to hospital.

Police have formally identified the Muslim terrorist but have yet to release his identity to the public.

The terror attack comes after a series of deadly Muslim terror attacks in France, although police did not immediately reveal a connection.