IDF seals room of Muslim terrorist who murdered Golani soldier Amit Ben Yigal

BREAKING: Israeli security forces sealed off a room used by the Muslim terrorist who murdered Golani Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal, after the Supreme Court barred the IDF from demolishing the terrorist’s home.

The IDF sealed the room by nailing metal sheeting to cover the windows and hanging barbed wire in the room to prevent entry.

On 12th May at around 4 am, a unit from the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion arrived at the Arab village of Ya’bad near Jenin to arrest four wanted Muslim terrorists.

About half an hour later, a large stone was dropped on them from a rooftop, critically injuring 21-year-old staff Seargent Amit Ben Ygal.

He was evacuated via helicopter to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where he was pronounced dead.

The murderer was identified as Nazmi Abu Bakr, a 49-year-old Muslim terrorist who lived in the building from which the rock that hit Amit was thrown.