IDF uncovers cross-border terror tunnel that infiltrates Israel from Gaza

BREAKING: The IDF has uncovered a terror tunnel that crosses from Gaza into Israeli territory near Kissufim.

“We just exposed another terror tunnel crossing dozens of meters into Israel from Gaza. This is a violation of Israeli sovereignty, an attempt to terrorize our civilians, and an abuse of international humanitarian aid. We hold Hamas accountable and stand prepared,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

The IDF said it exposed the terror tunnel between the read along the border fence and the underground barrier being constructed along the border with Gaza.

The tunnel was dug from the area of Khan Yunis and was exposed following excavation efforts. The IDF said that it is not known to which terror group the tunnel belongs, but that it held Hamas responsible.

IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Hadi Zilberman said that the discovery was made thanks to the technological means that the barrier includes.

Zilberman added that the tunnel was still in the process of being built so that at no point did it pose a danger to the surrounding towns.

The terror tunnel will be neutralized in the next few days.

The barrier, which will be completed in March 2021 consists of three sections: a wall dug dozens of meters underground, an obstacle above ground, and technological means for locating tunnels. Most of the work underground has been completed.