Jerusalem: Terrorist arrested moments before attack

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended the remand of an Arab terrorist by five days Wednesday, after he left his home in the Old City to carry out a stabbing attack against Jews.

He was thwarted on Tuesday morning, when an alert security guard at the Central station of the Jerusalem light rail noticed a suspicious-looking Arab on Yafo st.

The security guard stopped the suspicious person and inspected him, then noticed a knife hidden on his body; he arrested the suspect with the help of a Border Policeman at the scene.

The suspect was taken in for questioning at the Jerusalem District police station.

The 19-year-old terrorist’s version of events did not sit well with investigators, and he was then sent on for an additional interrogation with a specialized Interrogations unit; he later admitted to having carried the knife with specific intent to carry out an attack.

On Tuesday morning, the suspect took a knife from his workplace in a Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem, walked to the Central Bus Station and began hunting for victims, he said.

District Commander Moshe Edri praised the alertness of the security guard and Border Police on Wednesday, saying they “acted professionally, unhesitatingly and courageously […] to thwart a terror attack on innocent bystanders.”

“The two did what were expected of them and they deserve praise.”