Muslima terrorist from East Jerusalem arrested for spying for Iran and Hezbollah

BREAKING – Cleared for publication: The Shin Bet revealed that a Muslima terrorist from East Jerusalem was recruited by Hezbollah and Iranian Quds Force terrorists to recruit additional Muslim terrorists in Israel and to carry out terror attacks.

The terrorist, Yasmin Jaber, a librarian in the National Library at the Hebrew University, was identified and marked by Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists during a “youth conference” she attended in Lebanon in 2015.

She has been in secret contact with her operator by transmitting agreed-upon coded messages on social media in accordance with a briefing and instructions she received from Hezbollah.

The Muslima terrorist met with her operators in Turkey, who clarified to her that her role is to recruit additional terrorists in Israel, who will serve as a cell under her guidance.

“This Shin Bet investigation is the product of a lengthy intelligence operation to locate those suspected of being recruited by Hezbollah. It is another step in the counterterrorism efforts carried out in the past year against Quds Force and Hezbollah attempts to recruit Israeli Arabs,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

Earlier this year, an investigation revealed that a Muslima terrorist from northern Israel and her husband work for Hezbollah in Lebanon to recruit Israeli Muslims.