Beirut port is burning again: Huge blaze breaks out at site of explosion

HAPPENING NOW: A huge fire is raging at the port of Beirut, at the site of the deadly explosion that killed nearly 200 people last month.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fire at the facility which was decimated by the Aug. 4 explosion when nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate kept by Hezbollah terrorists in a warehouse to use against Israel, detonated.

Videos show a large column of black smoke billowing into the sky over the Lebanese capital.

Port workers, filming the tower of flames and black smoke above the port, could be seen running from the area in panic, with people shouting “go go go, everyone, go!”

Local media reported that the army was starting to evacuate people nearby. Panicked citizens in the surrounding areas began getting in their cars, saying they would leave Beirut.

Last week, Lebanese army units operating at Beirut port discovered a container loaded with about 4 tons of ammonium nitrate in bags similar to those that were kept by Hezbollah.