Muslim Bedouin terrorist indicted for planning bomb attack for Hamas at Bilu Junction

BREAKING – Cleared for publication: Israel’s domestic security service Shin Bet arrested a Muslim Bedouin terrorist with Israeli citizenship who was recruited by Hamas to plant a bomb at a bus stop in central Israel.

On August 15, Muslim Bedouin terrorist Mahmoud Maqdak (30), was arrested along with nine of his family members and acquaintances, including his 32-year-old brother Ahmad Maqdad, for knowing the plot and being involved in the planning of the terror attack.

The Bedouin terrorist, a resident of the Bedouin town of Segev Shalom near Beer Sheva, was recruited by Hamas to gather intelligence in the Negev area. In the second phase, in recent months he was instructed and trained to carry out a bombing attack in Israel.

The terrorist was born to a Bedouin-Israeli mother and Gazan father. He is married to a woman living in Gaza and divided his time between Segev Shalom and Rafah in southern Gaza.

The Shin Bet investigation revealed that the Bedouin terrorist agreed to work for Hamas in late 2019, in which he collected intelligence regarding locations of the Iron Dome systems in Israel.

Before his last entry into Israel, he underwent training from Hamas on how to assemble a bomb and was instructed to carry out a bomb-laying terror attack.

When he entered Israel in June 2020, he purchased ammunition, began assembling the bomb and scouting locations to carry out the terror attack. He chose a bus stop at the Bilu Junction in central Israel.

Additional family members assisted in obtaining components to assemble the bomb and other weapons.