UK: 1 murdered, 7 injured in mass stabbing attack in Birmingham – Muslim terrorist on the run

BREAKING: One man was murdered and seven people wounded in a stabbing terror attack in Birmingham city center overnight. West Midlands Police is hunting for the Muslim terrorist behind the two-hour stabbing rampage

West Midlands Police today said they were doing “all we can” to find the Muslim terrorist as they declared a major incident.

Blood splatters were seen on the streets as cops cordoned off a number of crime scenes across the city.

A knife with a black handle was seen being collected by a forensic officer.

Chief Superintendent Steve Graham said a murder inquiry had been launched but there was “no suggestion at all that this was terror-related.

“It does appear to be a random attack,” he added.

In addition, Graham said there was no suggestion the stabbings were “motivated by hate” or that it was terror or gang-related attack.