Syria: 16 Iran-backed terrorists eliminated in alleged Israeli strikes on Iranian airbase

At least 16 Iranian-backed terrorists were eliminated overnight in alleged Israeli strikes on a weapons depot belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards at the T4 airbase in Homs.

According to a war monitor, the eliminated terrorists belonged to “Iraqi factions loyal to Iran”.

Israel has bombed the T4 base several times in the past years, as Iran has been moving its assets to locations closer to the border with Iraq, specifically, the T4 Airbase located between Homs and Palmyra.

Syrian sources said the strikes were launched from the al-Tanf military base near the Syrian border with Iraq, which houses US forces.

Earlier this week, Israeli warplanes launched a number of missiles at Iranian, Assad and Hezbollah targets south of Damascus, eliminating at least 11 Iran-backed terrorists and injuring several others.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria in recent years, most of them aimed at arms shipments to be headed from Iran to its Shiite proxy Hezbollah.