Watch: IDF bombed 100 Hamas terror sites over 19 nights in response to attacks from Gaza

Israeli fighter jets and tanks bombed 100 Hamas terror targets over 19 nights in response to rocket and explosive attacks launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza toward southern Israel.

“Over the last weeks, Hamas terrorist organization launched rockets, explosive and arson balloons from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilians,” the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

“In addition, a number of violent riots were instigated along the Gaza Strip security fence. In response, the IDF struck approximately 100 targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization during 19 nights.”

The targets include 35 weapons manufacturing sites, 30 underground infrastructures, 20 observation posts, 10 aerial platforms and naval targets.

“These strikes constitute a significant blow to Hamas’ infrastructure of terror,” the IDF said.

Yesterday, Hamas announced that trough Qatari mediation, a deal had been reached with the terror group to avoid an escalation and restore calm along the border after weeks of explosive and incendiary attacks toward southern Israel.