Syria: 11 Iran-backed terrorists eliminated in alleged Israeli strikes on Hezbollah weapon caches

BREAKING: Israeli fighter jets launched a number of missiles at Iranian targets south of Damascus, eliminating at least 11 Iran-backed terrorists and injuring several others.

According to a London-based war monitor, seven Iranian-backed of non-Syrian nationalities and three Syrians were eliminated in the strikes on Assad and Hezbollah weapon caches in the Damascus area. A civilian was killed by shrapnel, the monitor said.

A Syrian military official said that Syrian air defenses opened fire on “hostile targets”.

Syrian state TV said the strikes were carried by warplanes flying in the Golan Heights.

Residents in northern Israel reported a number of jets racing toward Syria just before the Syrian air defense systems were activated over Damascus.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria in recent years, most of them aimed at arms shipments to be headed from Iran to its Shiite proxy Hezbollah.