IDF bombs Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to incendiary, explosive attacks toward southern Israel

BREAKING: Israeli fighter jets bombed Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to hundreds of explosive devices and firebombs attached to balloons launched by Muslim terrorists toward southern Israel.

Arabs report drone strikes toward a Hamas terror site east of al-Tuffah in northern Gaza. Another Hamas site was struck east of Rafah, in southern Gaza.

The IDF confirmed they struck underground infrastructure and an outpost belonging to Hamas in response to continued incendiary and explosive balloon launched from Gaza toward southern Israel.

“This was just one in a series of fires caused by explosive balloons launched into southern Israel by terrorists in Gaza today. In response, we just struck a Hamas military post and underground infrastructure in Gaza. We remain ready to operate against any terror targeting Israel,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

Hundreds of firebombs, grenades and explosive devices attached to balloons were launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza toward southern Israel today, landing near homes and kindergartens and causing at least 50 fires.

Saif al-Islam, Ahfad an-Nassar and Sons of Zouari, Barq, all cells of Muslim terrorists, posted on social media pictures of devices ready to be used and threatened the residents of southern Israel with more terror attacks.