Israeli fighter jets bomb Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to explosive balloons launched into Israel

BREAKING: Israeli fighter jets bombed Hamas terror targets in southern Gaza in response to hundreds of explosive devices and firebombs attached to balloons launched by Muslim terrorists toward southern Israel.

The IDF confirmed the strikes on underground infrastructure belonging to Hamas.

“Over the last few weeks, terrorists in Gaza have launched hundreds of explosive balloons into Israel. In response, our aircraft just targeted Hamas underground infrastructure in Gaza. We will act against any terror activity aimed at Israeli civilians,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

Hundreds of firebombs and explosive devices attached to balloons were launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza on Tuesday, causing at least 46 fires in southern Israel.

A bomb attached to balloons exploded in a basketball court in Netivot while children were playing. Miraculously, no one was hurt.

A Qatari envoy entered Gaza Tuesday night to transfer millions of dollars in bribes to Hamas and for negotiations to end the escalation.

According to reports, the money will only be available after an agreement between Hamas and Israel.

Security officials estimate that if the Qatari envoy fails to achieve a relative calm, Israel will increase the airstrikes in Gaza.