Security incident underway in northern Israel along the Lebanese border

HAPPENING NOW: The IDF launched flares and explosions being heard on the Israeli border near Lebanon amid reports of a Hezbollah terrorist infiltration near Kibbutz Manara.

The IDF confirmed that a security incident was taking place near Kibbutz Manara.

According to Arab reports, approximately 30 flares were launched.

Residents of Manara, Margaliot, Malkia, Misgav Am and Yiftah have been ordered to stay in their homes and lock doors.

“There is a security incident in the Manara area on the Lebanese border. Some of the roads in the area have been closed to traffic. The details are under investigation,” the IDF said in a statement.

Residents updated that explosions from IDF flares may continue into the night.

Heavy aerial activity being reported in the area.

The IDF remained on high alert over the last month along the northern border amid fears that the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah terror group would try to carry out a terror attack after the elimination of one of its Muslim terrorists on July 20 in an alleged Israeli strike in Syria.

A week later, the IDF thwarted a Hezbollah terror attack in the Har Dov area near the Lebanese border in northern Israel when a cell of five armed Hezbollah terrorists crossed several meters into Israeli territory. IDF troop fired artillery shells toward the terror cell, forcing them back into Lebanon.