IDF tanks shell Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to rocket fired toward southern Israel

BREAKING: IDF tanks shelled Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to a rocket fired Friday night toward southern Israel. 

Three Hamas observation posts have been targeted, according to Arab reports.

“Moments ago, IDF tanks attacked military positions of the Hamas terrorist organization in southern Gaza. The attack was carried out in response to the rocket being fired from Gaza into Israeli territory during the night,” the IDF said in a statement.

Code Red rocket alert sirens sounded in Sderot, Ibim, Nir Am, Erez and Nir Am Shooting Range at 9:30 pm.

“We are at war, struck by rockets and lacking basic security for our residents,” Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said.

This is the eleventh night the IDF bombed Hamas terror targets after 16 days of explosive devices and incendiary balloons.

At least twelve rockets were fired from Gaza toward southern Israel over the last days.

According to reports, the rockets were launched by Hamas terrorists. Unlike previous rounds, with Hamas turning a blind eye to small factions of Muslim terrorists launching rockets, this wave is carried out by Hamas armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam.