Rockets fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza at civilians in southern Israel – IDF fighter jets continue to strike Hamas targets

BREAKING: Three rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists in Gaza towards southern Israel.

Code Red rocket alert sirens sounded in Kissufim and Ein Hashlosha at 11:30 pm.

According to initial reports, the Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted the three rockets.

“Terrorists just fired another 3 rockets into Israel from Gaza. The Iron Dome Aerial Defense System successfully intercepted all 3 rockets,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

Simultaneously, Israeli fighter jets are bombing Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to hundreds of explosive devices and firebombs attached to balloons launched by Muslim terrorists toward southern Israel.

In response to the rockets, IDF fighter jets targeted a compound belonging to the Hamas terror group, which included a site for the production of rockets.

“After a series of rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza earlier tonight, our Air Force just struck a Hamas military compound used for rocket ammunition manufacturing in Gaza in response. We hold Hamas responsible for all terror activity emanating from Gaza,” the IDF said in a statement.

Following the strikes, additional rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists toward southern Israel at 2:30 am.

“A strike for a strike,” Muslim jihadists from Saif Al-Islam terror group threatened.

Earlier, two rockets fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza toward southern Israel fell short and exploded inside Gaza.

“We just identified two rockets from Gaza toward Israel, which exploded in the vicinity of the security fence,” the IDF said.

At least 44 fires broke out today in southern Israel due to firebombs and explosive devices attached to balloons, launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israel.