Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorists seize UAE ship and its crew in Persian Gulf

BREAKING: Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorists have seized a ship from the UAE which it claims was illegally in its territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.

The crew of the ship is currently kidnapped in Iran.

On Monday, the UAE’s Coast Guard opened fire on some Iranian fishing boats, killing two anglers, and seized one of the vessels and detained the fishermen, according to Iran.

“On Monday, an Emirati ship was seized by the border guards of Iran and its crew was detained due to illegal traffic in our country’s waters,” Iranian state TV quoted a statement as saying.

“On the same day, UAE guards shot dead two Iranian fishermen and seized a boat … the UAE has expressed regret for the incident and in a letter on Wednesday announced its readiness to pay compensation.”

Tensions have risen between the two countries since last week’s agreement between the UAE and Israel to normalize ties.