Germany: Muslim terrorist screaming ‘allahu akbar’ causes multiple crash terror attacks in Berlin

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist caused a series of crash terror attacks in Berlin, injuring six people including three seriously.

The terrorist has been identified as a 30-year-old Iraqi who shouted ‘allahu akbar’ while deliberately crashing into several motorbikes and scooters.

He then got out of the black Opel Astra he was driving and placed a box on the roof, claiming it was a bomb and that he would detonate it if anyone approached.

Armed police rushed to the scene, neutralized the terrorist and arrested him.

Police sappers opened the box, which was found to contain tools, according to local reports.

The Muslim terrorist “appears to have had an Islamist motivation,” prosecutors said.

The terror attack closed the motorway in both directions and caused delays of several hours for around 300 people stuck on the highway.