Rockets fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza at Israeli civilians in Ashkelon

BREAKING: Rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists in Gaza toward the city of Ashkelon in southern Israel.

Code Red rocket sirens sounded in Ashkelon Northern Industrial Zone, Ashkelon, Ashkelon Southern Industrial Zone, Zikim.

A rocket fired from Gaza was located south of Ashkelon.

MDA first responders treated a 7-year-old and 10-year-old girls who were lightly wounded while running for shelter.

The IDF said it had identified a rocket launch from Gaza into Israeli territory.

At least 50 fires broke out today in southern Israel due to firebombs and explosive devices attached to balloons, launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israel.

“The response to a balloon will be the likes of a rocket. We are preparing for a round,” PM Netanyahu told southern community council leaders.

“The incendiary balloons are terrorism plain and simple. Hamas knows this is not a game. There will come a time when they will have to decide, and if they want a war they will get a war,” President Rivlin said.

Police sappers were called to neutralize a bomb attached to balloons that landed in a field in Sdot Negev.