Israel strikes Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to explosive, incendiary attacks and border terrorism

BREAKING: Israeli tanks shelled Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to hundreds of explosive devices and firebombs attached to balloons launched by Muslim terrorists toward southern Israel.

A drone strike was reported near the Sheikh Zayed Towers in northern Gaza.

Artillery strikes reported on a Hamas terror post east of Khan Yunis.

Additional IDF strikes reported east of Beith Hanoun and east of Deir al-Balah.

Arabs report machine gun fire toward IAF aircraft over northern Gaza.

“Throughout the day, explosive balloons were launched from Gaza into Israel and earlier this evening, dozens of Palestinians in Gaza instigated riots along the security fence with Israel. In response, our tanks just targeted Hamas observation posts in Gaza,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

Earlier tonight, a rocket fired by Muslim terrorists from southern Gaza toward southern Israel fell short and exploded inside Gaza, causing a large blast near Khan Yunis.

Hundreds of Muslim terrorists were rioting tonight at four different locations along the security border fence with Israel. Hamas-sponsored terrorists are burning tires, throwing rocks, grenades, bombs, firebombs and fireworks in order to keep Israeli civilians awake and the IDF busy all night long.

At least 34 fires broke out today in southern Israel due to firebombs attached to balloons, launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israel.