Israel thwarted massive cyber-attack on defense industry

BREAKING: A massive cyber-attack on Israel’s defense industry was successfully thwarted by the Defense Establishment and other security agencies, the Defense Ministry announced.

Hackers approached employees of the defense industries with job offers through LinkedIn in an attempt to penetrate the company’s computer networks, the ministry said in a statement.

The attack was stopped “in real-time and without causing damage,” the statement added.

The attempted attack was carried out by an international group of hackers known as “Lazarus”, which is backed by North Korea. They impersonated managers, senior staff at human resources departments and representatives of international companies.

The attackers then contacted employees of Israel’s leading defense corporations and tried to install spyware on their computers and infiltrate the networks of the companies they work for in order to collect sensitive security information.

The Defense Ministry said they will continue to act with the aim of thwarting attempts to hack the networks of Israel’s defense industry to undermine the technological superiority of the State of Israel.

In July, two Israeli water facilities in Upper Galilee and Mateh Yehuda were targeted in a cyber attack. The Water Authority confirmed that the attacks did not cause any damage and were repaired immediately.

In May, Iranian hackers tried to increase the amount of chlorine in Israeli water. In the worst-case scenario, hundreds of people would have been at risk of becoming ill.

Israel retaliated by carrying out a small, but sophisticated attack on the Shahid Rajaee Port.