Hamas terrorists fire 11 rockets into the sea as tensions escalate on the Gaza border

BREAKING: Hamas has launched at least 11 rockets into the sea this morning as a part of an ongoing drill aimed to show strength as the terror group and other Muslim terrorist factions in Gaza threaten with ending their ceasefire with Israel.

The rise in tensions coincides with the next month’s expiration of monthly cash bribes provided to Hamas by Qatar.

Muslim terrorists in Gaza continue attempting to murder Jews by launching explosive devices and firebombs attached to balloons into Israeli territory.

An explosive device attached to balloons landed in Nir Moshe. Police sappers were called to neutralize the bomb.

Saif al-Islam, a cell of Muslim terrorists who have launched thousands of incendiary devices into Israel, threatened Jews living near the Gaza border saying that they should leave their homes and that in the coming hours there will be more balloons than they have ever seen.

The terror cell along with Ahfad an-Nassar and Sons of Zouari, said they have launched bombs and firebombs toward Israel and posted on social media pictures of devices ready to be used.

Yesterday, IDF aircraft bombed a Hamas observation post in northern Gaza in retaliation to the incendiary attacks.

“Over the day, explosive balloons were launched from Gaza into Israeli territory. In response, a short while ago, an IDF aircraft struck an observation post belonging to the Hamas terror group in northern Gaza,” the IDF said in a statement.

Earlier, Muslim terrorists shot toward security fence workers and IDF troops on the Gaza border near Kissufim.

Last week, a rocket was fired from Gaza and was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.