PM Netanyahu sends condolences to Lebanon: A huge tragedy took place in Beirut, we are willing to send humanitarian aid

BREAKING: PM Netanyahu sent condolences to the people of Lebanon and offered the Lebanese government humanitarian aid following the explosion that killed at least 113 people and injured 4,000 others.

“I send, on behalf of the Israeli government, condolences to the people of Lebanon. Yesterday, a huge tragedy took place in Beirut. We are prepared to extend humanitarian aid, as humans should to one another,” Netanyahu said.

PM Netanyahu mentioned that Israel has offered aid to Syrians and even to Iran.

“This is how our country behaves,” he added.

Through diplomatic channels and officials, Israel has offered the Lebanese government humanitarian assistance, including equipment and to treat some of the wounded in Israel.

Ziv and Rambam hospitals in northern Israel said they are ready to assist Lebanon.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun called for an emergency cabinet meeting and said a two-week state of emergency should be declared following the explosion.

Officials said they expect the death toll to rise further as emergency workers dig through the rubble to search for survivors.

Beirut’s city governor Marwan Abboud said up to 300,000 people have lost their homes and authorities are working on providing them with food, water and shelter.

The European Union is sending around 100 firefighters and other material specialized in search and rescue.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear. Officials linked the blast to some 2,750 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate that were being stored in a warehouse at the port along with missile storage warehouses belonging to the Hezbollah terror group.

The Lebanese government announced it would be placing all those it held responsible for the port of Beirut under house arrest while their investigation continues.

In 2018, PM Netanyahu exposed three sites in Beirut that were being used by the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group to hide underground precision missile production facilities, including the Beirut international airport and the port of Beirut.

“Hezbollah is using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields,” PM Netanyahu said at the time, showing a picture of a missile site underneath a soccer stadium.