Lebanon: Hezbollah explosives depot blows up in Beirut killing and wounding scores

BREAKING: Two huge explosions rocked Lebanon’s capital Beirut killing dozens of people, wounding hundreds and causing widespread damage.

The blasts were heard from miles away as thick smoke billowed from the city center.

The explosions appeared to be centered around Beirut’s port and caused wide-scale destruction and shattered windows miles away. There is significant shock-wave damage through multiple areas of Beirut.

Beirut governor Marwan Abboud said the city was a “disaster area” and the scale of the damage is “enormous,” while medical and security sources saying that at least 10 people were dead.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported “countless” casualties.

The country’s health minister said 63 were killed and more than 3,000 were wounded following the blast.

People reportedly died at home due to the pressure of the explosion.

Al-Manar reports that rescue efforts still underway. Civil Defense teams still looking for missing people under the rubble.

Lebanon’s Health Minister said those who can, should leave Beirut since the remnants of the explosion can have long term deadly effects.

According to local reports, all Beirut hospitals have exceeded their capacity and hundreds of wounded are still at the scene of the explosions.

Lebanon Army Major Gen. Abbas Ibrahim told reporters that most likely that stored explosives were the cause of the blast.

Director-General of the Lebanese Public Security said the explosion happened in an area housing highly explosive materials.

Al-Arabiyah reported the explosion in Beirut occurred at a Hezbollah missile storage warehouse.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Hezbollah terror group quoted by the Hezbollah-linked Al Mayadeen channel denied reports that the explosion was caused by an Israeli airstrike. These reports were not confirmed by any Lebanese officials or carried by mainstream media.

In a tweet, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri called the explosion a “security incident that targeted the Beirut port.” According to Lebanese media, he lives nearby but wasn’t hurt in the explosion.

Some local TV stations reported the blast was inside an area where firecrackers were stored.

Israeli officials said that Israel is not connected to the explosion in Beirut.

Under the direction of Defense Minister Gantz and Foreign Minister Ashkenazi, through diplomatic channels and officials, Israel has offered the Lebanese government humanitarian assistance, including equipment and to treat some of the wounded in Israel.

Ziv and Rambam hospitals in northern Israel said they are ready to assist Lebanon.

The IDF notified Ziv Medical Center that possibly UN personnel injured in the blast will arrive overnight for treatment. If so, the UN personnel will arrive through the Rosh Hanikra crossing. Some may be treated in Nahariya.

In 2018, PM Netanyahu exposed three sites in Beirut that were being used by the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group to hide underground precision missile production facilities, including the Beirut international airport and the port of Beirut.

“Hezbollah is using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields,” PM Netanyahu said at the time, showing a picture of a missile site underneath a soccer stadium.