Israeli minister tests positive for coronavirus – Death toll rises to 526

BREAKING: Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage Rafi Peretz has tested positive for the coronavirus.

“With the end of Shabbat, it has become clear that the coronavirus test that I took on Friday has returned positive. I currently feel well and wish a full recovery to all those who are ill in Israel,” Peretz posted on his Twitter account.

The Director-General of the Jerusalem Affairs Ministry Avi Cohen tested positive too.

Police announced that the Jerusalem District Police Chief, Superintendent Doron Yedid, entered isolation after meeting with Peretz last week.

Minister Zeev Elkin, who currently holds the portfolio for higher education and water resources, announced he would need to enter quarantine after coming into close contact with Peretz.

“I received a message from the Ministry of Health that I must enter quarantine for a week as I was… like several other ministers, in the same room as him Sunday during the cabinet meeting,” Elkin tweeted.

Israel saw 1,358 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours. The total of active coronavirus carriers stands at 26,542, including 757 hospitalizations.

328 patients are in serious condition and at least 95 patients are intubated.

14 Israelis have passed away since Friday due to the illness caused by coronavirus, bringing the country’s fatalities to 526.

72,218 Israelis were infected with coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.