Muslim terrorists threw firebombs at home of deputy mayor of Jerusalem while his family was sleeping

Muslim terrorists once again threw firebombs at the home of Arieh King, the deputy mayor of Jerusalem in the Ma’ale Zeitim neighborhood.

“While I was commemorating the destruction of the Temples and their burning down by our enemies, the last time being 1950 years ago, our enemies at home tried to burn down my house while my family was sleeping,” Arieh King wrote in a Facebook post.

“Despite the warm embrace our enemy receives from some of our people, despite the support and encouragement of some of our people in the violent actions of the enemy we face, this evening I forgive all my leftist brothers and sisters with whom I serve in the reserves, some of whom I work with regularly, some of whom I go out with,” King added.

King has been very active in organizations that aim to reclaim Jewish-owned property in Jerusalem occupied by Arabs, who squatted on Jewish property after Jews were chased out of the Old City in the 1948 War of Independence when the Old City was occupied by Jordan. He has also been active in efforts to prevent illegal Arab construction.

In May, three masked Muslim terrorists were caught and arrested by Border Police special undercover forces after being spotted throwing at least five firebombs at King’s home.