Iranian girl thrown to her death from an 11th floor by her uncle after speaking out against his abuse

A 16-year-old girl was brutally beaten and thrown to her death from an 11th floor by her uncle, after speaking out against his abuse.

The murder occurred on May 22 in the Shahrah-e Aseman neighborhood of Parand in southeast Tehran.

The victim’s mother is now speaking out after the uncle was released on bail just two weeks after the murder.

“He threw my girl out of the window in front of my eyes, and then placed her body in my hands. He has now been released on bail and walks free. He threatens my son, and tells him, “It’s your turn now!,” Bariha Rahmani said.

“I’m afraid for myself and my children. Tell me, in what other country in the world, when a murder has occurred and all the evidence points to the fact it was murder, would the accused be released on bail two weeks later?,” Rahmani added.

Mojtaba Namdar confessed to killing Fatemeh Ghozat in front of all their neighbors before emergency services arrived at the murder scene.

However, after the girl was pronounced dead, Mojtaba retracted the confession and claimed there had been no witnesses.

Also in May, a 13-year-old Iranian girl has been beheaded by her father with a farming sickle while she was sleeping, in a horrific ‘honor killing’ that triggered outrage.