IDF eliminates 3-4 Hezbollah terrorists, thwarts infiltration in northern Israel

HAPPENING NOW: The IDF thwarted a Hezbollah terror attack in the Har Dov area near the Lebanese border in northern Israel.

According to initial reports, 3-4 Hezbollah terrorists crossed the border and infiltrated several meters into Israel. They were identified and eliminated by IDF troops.

There were no injuries or casualties among the IDF.

“IDF troops are ready and prepared to continue operating as needed. The IDF will not allow any harm to the security of Israeli citizens or violation of Israeli sovereignty,” the IDF said in a statement.

Local residents were asked to enter shelters and stay indoors following the security event.

Israeli aircraft were seen in the area as IDF artillery retaliated against targets in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah affiliated media reports IDF artillery strikes toward the western outskirts of Kfar Shuba and the Shanoh Farm.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz left a Knesset meeting moments ago for security assessment with top IDF officials.

Channel 12 reported the incident was an IDF ambush on a Hezbollah terror cell on its way to carry out an attack.

“We are in the midst of a serious security event”, PM Netanyahu said.

The Hezbollah-linked Al-Mayadeen reports Hezbollah attacked an IDF vehicle with an anti-tank guided missile.

Last week, the IDF moved to a higher state of readiness to defend Israel’s northern border in preparation for Hezbollah’s response to the elimination of one of its terrorists in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria.

Yesterday, the IDF deployed artillery, armored reinforcements and additional Iron Dome batteries in preparation for an imminent Hezbollah attack on the Israel-Lebanon border.