Russia: Muslim terrorist eliminated, mass shooting attack in Moscow thwarted

BREAKING: Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said it had thwarted a mass shooting attack in a crowded place in Moscow and eliminated a Muslim terrorist who was plotting it.

The FSB said the Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after he opened fire on security forces when they tried to arrest him on the outskirts of Moscow.

State TV channel Rossiya 24 showed a picture of the terrorist from a Central Asian country, lying face down dead on the ground with a Kalashnikov rifle.

State TV showed a sports bag nearby containing three hand grenades.

The FSB said the terrorist had links to an international Muslim terror group in Syria. The terrorist’s brother was also detained and a hunt was underway for possible accomplices, it said.

Russia has been the target of attacks by Islamist terror groups in the past, including an attack in 2017 that killed 15 people when an explosion tore through a train carriage in the St. Petersburg metro.

Security officials have said that thousands of Muslim terrorists from the former Soviet republics of Central Asia or from the Muslim-majority North Caucasus region of Russia have traveled to Syria or Iraq to join terror groups.