IDF deploys artillery along the northern border in preparation for Hezbollah attack

BREAKING: The IDF deployed artillery and armored reinforcements in preparation for an imminent Hezbollah attack on the Israel-Lebanon border, likely to occur in the coming days.

In addition, the IDF has confirmed that Iron Dome batteries in the north have been bolstered following the threats.

According to reports, the IDF is preparing for a preemptive strike to thwart Hezbollah terror cells that are planning the attack.

Channel 12 reported that Cabinet ministers have been ordered not to talk about the situation in the north.

According to Lebanese reports, there is currently a continued IAF drone and jet activity over Lebanon, including over Beirut.

PM Netanyahu addressed the tensions in northern Israel saying that the IDF is prepared to respond to any threat.

“We will not allow them to undermine our security and we will not allow them to threaten our citizens; we will not tolerate harm to our forces. Together with the Defense Minister and Chief of Staff, I am conducting ongoing situation assessments. The IDF is prepared to respond to any threat,” PM Netanyahu said.

Last week, the IDF moved to a higher state of readiness to defend Israel’s northern border in preparation for Hezbollah’s response to the elimination of one of its terrorists in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria.

On Friday, Iran-backed terrorists fired toward and IDF drone over Syria, causing damage to a building and a car in the Druze Golan town of Majdal Shams. No one was hurt. In response, Israeli combat helicopters fired at least two missiles toward an Assad position on the Syrian side of the northern Golan Heights.