US military chief visits Israel amid tensions with Iran and Hezbollah

US Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, arrived on Friday in Israel to meet his IDF counterpart LTG Aviv Kochavi and other IDF and intelligence officials.

“The IDF and the US Armed Forces share a mutual interest to prevent Iran and its proxies from jeopardizing the stability of the region,” LTG Kohavi said.

Milley’s visit came amid heightened tensions on the northern border following the elimination of a Hezbollah terrorist in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria earlier this week.

Recent weeks have also seen a series of mysterious explosions in Iran, including a blast at a nuclear centrifuge production facility.

Milley’s visit also came hours after a US fighter jet passed near an Iranian passenger plane as it flew over Syria.

Earlier today, the IDF confirmed that is moving to a higher state of readiness to defend Israel’s northern border in preparation for Hezbollah’s response to the elimination of one of its Muslim terrorists in Syria.

Heavy equipment was seen this afternoon near the town of Shlomi on the Lebanese border.

IAF drone activity was reported over southern Lebanon.

Earlier on Friday, an explosion in Syria near the Israeli border caused damage to a building and a car in the Druze Golan town of Majdal Shams. No one was hurt.

Following the incident, the IDF increased alertness level, deployed checkpoints and closed roads near the Israel-Lebanon border.

Yesterday, the IDF deployed an additional battalion to the northern border with Lebanon.