Explosions in Syria near the Israeli border – Shrapnel hits car, building

BREAKING: An explosion in Syria near the Israeli border caused damage to a building and a car in the Druze Golan town of Majdal Shams. No one was hurt.

“A short while ago, explosions were heard adjacent to the security fence from the Syrian side of Israel’s northern border. Damage to a civilian building and an Israeli vehicle was likely caused by fragments,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

The IDF said a mortar or a rocket was fired from Syria on the border.
According to Arab reports, Syrian air defenses responded to an Israeli drone near Quneitra.

Local residents said shrapnel scattered around 200 meters from the border.

Following the incident, the IDF increased alertness level, deployed checkpoints and closed roads near the Israel-Lebanon border.

IAF drone activity was reported over southern Lebanon.

The incident comes amid heightened tensions with the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group.

Yesterday, the IDF deployed an additional battalion to the northern border with Lebanon after Hezbollah threatened to retaliate for the elimination of one of its Muslim terrorists in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria earlier this week.