Iranian cyber attack on Israeli water facilities foiled once again

BREAKING: Two Israeli water facilities in Upper Galilee and Mateh Yehuda were targeted in a cyber attack in recent days. The Water Authority confirmed that the attacks did not cause any damage and were repaired immediately.

In May, Iranian hackers tried to increase the amount of chlorine in Israeli water during another Islamic Republic’s cyber-attack on Israel’s central water pumping station.

The goal of the attack that took place last month was to “trick the computers into increasing the amount of chlorine added to the treated water that flows to Israeli homes.”

In the worst-case scenario, hundreds of people would have been at risk of becoming ill.

Israel retaliated by carrying out a small, but sophisticated attack on the Shahid Rajaee Port. “It was small, very small — like a knock on the door,” said one official. “Think of it (as) a gentle reminder. ‘We know where you live.’”

Yesterday, at least seven ships are on fire in the Iranian port city of Bushehr. 

The fire comes amid a string of -almost daily- mysterious blasts and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June, many of which the Islamic regime has brushed off as unfortunate accidents.