Israel’s daily coronavirus cases hit new high with nearly 1,800 infections

1,758 Israelis were diagnosed with coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Some 24,892 people were tested, making the infection rate 7%.

The number of serious patients reached 198 on Thursday morning. There were 23,926 active patients at press time. 373 people have died from the virus.

Jerusalem still boasts the highest number of coronavirus patients with 3,410 cases, followed by Tel Aviv with 1,812 and Bnei Brak with 1,729.

Due to the continued rise in coronavirus cases, Israel will roll out new restrictions within the next two days, PM Netanyahu said Wednesday.

“I ordered that more steps will be taken within the next 48 hours to help flatten the curve. We made quick and good decisions in the first wave that led us to be in an excellent situation. Now, we need to take determined steps to get back there and be even more successful,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu admitted that the government made a mistake in the way it opened the lockdown: “The opening of the banquet halls and large gatherings … these things lead to a disaster and raise the level of morbidity. So, our guidelines will be very strict about gatherings.”

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said that the country could have to take steps toward a full closure within the next days if the daily number of new diagnoses reaches 2,000.