More mysterious explosions: At least 7 ships ablaze in Iran’s Bushehr Port

BREAKING: At least seven ships are on fire in the Iranian port city of Bushehr, just 20 minutes away from Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

According to initial reports, a fire broke out at a shipyard and operations are underway to bring it under control.

“Firefighting operations are being carried out,”  said Jahangir Dehghani, the head of the crisis management organization for Bushehr province.

He added that the municipal and port firefighters were being assisted by firefighters from the nearby Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

The fire comes amid a string of -almost daily- mysterious blasts and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June, many of which the Islamic regime has brushed off as unfortunate accidents.

Iran threatened that it will retaliate if a foreign country is found to be responsible for the blasts.