President Trump: “We hold China fully responsible for concealing the virus”

President Trump said he holds China ‘fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world’ at a White House press conference today.

In addition, the President has also signed legislation sanctioning the Chinese regime for eroding Hong Kong’s democratic freedoms with an oppressive new law allowing political opponents to be extradited to Beijing for trial.

President Trump also signed an executive order ending US preferential treatment for the city, saying it would be dealt with the ‘same as mainland China’.

The two moves are part of the Trump administration’s offensive against the country for hiding details on human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus.

Last week, the United States officially withdrew from the World Health Organization, more than a month after President Trump said the WHO conspired with the Chinese regime to cover-up the coronavirus outbreak.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom covered-up the severity of the outbreak in China, which began in late December, and the fact that the coronavirus could be transmitted from person to person.