Senior Hamas commander flees Gaza aboard an IDF boat

A senior commander of Hamas’ armed wing Izz a-Din al-Qassam has fled Gaza amid suspicions that he had been collaborating with Israel, according to Arab reports.

The man, who headed Hamas’s commando frogman unit, fled Gaza aboard an IDF boat.

He took with him a laptop containing “dangerous classified information” about the terror group’s frogman unit, as well as sums of money and eavesdropping devices that were in his possession. 

Another senior Hamas commander who was identified only as Mohammed was recently arrested in Gaza on suspicion of collaboration with Israel.

He was responsible for communication networks of Hamas in the Shajjaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza, and trained Hamas terrorists in info gathering and anti-espionage techniques.

Arabs report that he began working with Israeli intelligence agencies in 2009.

Hamas terror group is currently in a state of “security hysteria” after the arrest of dozens of its Muslim terrorists in the past few weeks.

“Investigations are continuing secretly amid fears that senior commanders of Hamas’s armed wing may be involved in the spy network,” sources said.