Diplomats tour Hezbollah cross-border terror tunnel built to murder Israeli families

Ahead of the renewal of the UNIFIL mandate, the IDF and the Foreign Ministry took twelve ambassadors and diplomats to Israel’s northern border and toured a neutralized Hezbollah terror tunnel built to murder Israeli families.

The diplomats toured a tunnel dug beneath the border by Hezbollah terrorists and uncovered during Operation Northern Shield.

They were given briefings by top IDF brass, including the commander of the division responsible for the Lebanese border.

“UNIFIL must fully implement UNSC Resolution1701 to prevent Hezbollah terror activity in southern Lebanon,” the IDF said in a statement.

“Full and effective implementation of the UNIFIL mandate is necessary to maintain regional stability and prevent Hezbollah from gaining strength in southern Lebanon. We expect members of the Security Council to adopt a resolution that will allow the force to fulfill its mission without limitations,” said Avivit Bar-Ilan, bureau head in the Foreign Ministry’s UN and International Organizations Division.

Currently, the force comprises members from 41 countries and is led by Irish Major General Michael Beary.

In December 2018, the IDF launched “Operation Northern Shield” to expose and neutralize cross-border terror tunnels dug by Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group

In January 2019, the IDF found a sixth tunnel, the largest and most sophisticated discovered. It had electrical lighting, a rail system for moving equipment, garbage disposal, and stairs.

With this discovery, the IDF announced the conclusion of Operation Northern Shield.