Muslim terrorist who murdered Avraham Hasano in ramming attack sentenced to life

BREAKING: The Ofer Military Court sentenced a Muslim terrorist truck driver who murdered Israeli father of seven Avraham Hasano in a 2015 car-ramming attack to life in prison.

“The terrorist smiled and did not look down. The sentence is not sufficient and we hope the state will consider the death penalty for every terrorist who dares to hurt a Jew,” Hasano’s brother Meidad said.

“This is a terrorist who just saw the opportunity to murder a Jew and took advantage of it,” said attorney Haim Bleicher, who represented the Hasano family.

Muslim terrorist Shaban al-Titi had been convicted in 2016 of murdering Hasano in a terrorist vehicle-ramming attack on October 20, 2015 at the Fawar Junction near Hevron and Kiryat Arba, after he was ambushed in a rock-throwing roadblock at the site. He was run over twice by the Muslim truck driver.

Images from the scene showed Avraham Hasano emerging from his car brandishing a wooden club after his car was attacked by rock-throwing Muslim terrorists.

He was run over twice by the Muslim truck driver.

Local Muslims cheered and whistled while paramedics unsuccessfully tried to save his life.

The murderer was initially spared Israeli arrest by immediately turning to the Palestinian Authority, who took him into custody.

Subsequent to his release by the PA, he was arrested by Israeli forces following intelligence work.