London: Man and woman stabbed by Muslim terrorist outside a Jewish bakery

BREAKING: A man and a woman were stabbed by a Muslim terrorist last night outside a Jewish bakery in Hackney, Stamford Hill. The man staggered inside for help before collapsing on the floor, where he was helped by volunteers from the Shomrim Jewish community group.

A woman was also found wounded nearby and taken to the hospital.

Armed Police officers rushed to the scene and arrested the Muslim terrorist.

A knife was found near the scene of the terror attack.

On Friday, a Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after murdering three people and leaving a police officer fighting for his life in a mass stabbing attack at the entrance to the Park Inn hotel in Glasgow city center, which is housing evicted asylum seekers since the coronavirus pandemic.

The terror attack came just days after a Libyan Muslim terrorist murdered three people and wounded nine others in a mass stabbing attack at Forbury Gardens in Reading.