Iran: Huge explosion at Revolutionary Guards terror group base east of Tehran

BREAKING: A huge explosion occurred at the Parchin military base belonging to the Revolutionary Guards terror group east of Tehran, the largest military explosive manufacturing site in Iran.

Local footage shows the night sky lighting up from the explosions in the distance.

Iranian authorities have begun their investigation into the explosion, according to the state media.

Iran’s defense ministry said a gas tank exploded “near” a military site, rocking the capital.

No military installations had been affected, defense ministry spokesman Davoud Abdi said in comments broadcast on state TV.

He didn’t provide any details on the cause of the blast, however, speculations are being raised about an Israeli cyber attack.

Parchin was involved prior to 2004 in high explosive testing related to the development of nuclear weapons.

In 2018, Israel’s spy agency Mossad stole a huge trove of documents from Iran in one of its most brazen missions to date. Iran’s past work yielded new clues on old activities.

In 2003 Iran was operating a nuclear weapons program, codenamed AMAD Plan, which aimed to build five nuclear weapons and prepare an underground nuclear test site. The Parchin site was a key part of that nuclear weapons research and development effort.

Last week, the board of governors at the UN’s nuclear watchdog called on Iran to stop denying the agency access to two former nuclear sites and to cooperate fully with it.