Albania: Muslim terror-sympathizer arrested over social media posts inciting to murder Israelis

BREAKING: An Albanian Muslim terror-fan has been arrested for posting on social media calls for the murder of Israelis.

The arrest came after a month-long investigation launched in January 2020 by Albania’s Anti-Terror Directorate.

The 39-year-old terror-sympathizer was arrested at his home in the village of Koxhaj, about 30 kilometers west of the capital, Tirana.

He has been charged with terrorism offenses and hate crimes and has been remanded in custody as a “security measure.”

Authorities didn’t immediately provide further details. If convicted, the terror-fan faces up to 10 years in prison.

In December 2018, Albania expelled two Iranian diplomats over a thwarted plot to murder Israelis at a soccer game in 2016. About 20 Muslim terrorists were arrested in Albania and Kosovo following that match.

The planned terror attack was said to have been coordinated by two Albanian Muslim terrorists who joined ISIS in Syria.