Ramming attack near Jerusalem — Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after ramming his car into Border Police officers stationed at the Kiosk Checkpoint near Jerusalem.

According to initial reports, the Muslim terrorist sped up toward a Border policewoman and attempted to run her over. Another officer shot at the terrorist, neutralizing the threat.

The border policewoman was lightly wounded in the attack.

The Muslim terrorist has been identified as Ahmed Erekat, from the Arab village of Abu Dis.

Overnight, the IDF arrested a number of Muslim terrorists in Judea and Samaria, who were wanted for involvement in terrorism and violent disorders directed against civilians and security personnel.

As a part of an ongoing campaign against illegal weapons, IDF forces from the Binyamin Regional Brigade seized a Glock pistol, two M16 rifles, firearm parts, rifles and ammunition in the Arab village of Anata in the Binyamin area.