Hezbollah releases video threatening high-profile Israeli sites

A new video released by Hezbollah has threatened several high-profile Israeli sites saying that the Lebanese terror group can “not only bomb Tel Aviv but other precise targets”.

The clip threatens Israeli strategic sites in both Arabic and Hebrew. The targets include Israel Aerospace Industries near Ben Gurion Airport and Yehud, Israel Military Industries in Ramat Hasharon, IDF Beit Elazari base, IAF Ma’alul base, Refael near Sakhnin.

“Today we are not only able to bomb Tel Aviv as a city,  allah willing, we are able to bomb very specific targets in Tel Aviv and also anywhere in the State of Israel,” says Nasrallah, the terror group chief who has been hiding from Israel since 2006.

Last month Hezbollah published a training video showing its Muslim terrorists running fire drills and practicing combat, with targets painted with a Star of David.

Hezbollah plans to invade Israeli territory, mainly through tunnels under the border fence, and carry out terror attacks along the northern Galilee.

Videos of their training are shared by other Muslim terror groups and Islamic countries aligned with the terror group, mainly Iran and its proxies.