Watch – IDF thwarts major Hamas’ smuggling of weapons into Gaza

BREAKING – Cleared for publication: In a joint operation with the Israeli Navy, IDF Intelligence, and the Shin Bet the IDF thwarted a naval smuggling attempt of weapons into Gaza from the coast of northern Sinai a few weeks ago.

Following the Shin Bet activity, the terrorists involved in the smuggling were identified. Collaboration between the organizations enabled the detection of the vessel suspected of the smuggling.

The maritime intelligence operators of the Israeli Navy located the suspected vessel and dispatched Navy troops to pursue it.

Following a pursuit, the vessel was captured and two Muslim terrorists aboard were apprehended and transferred to the Shin Bet for further questioning.

The investigation of the terrorists indicated that the seized weapons were intended to be used by the Hamas terror group.

In addition, during the investigation details were obtained regarding Hamas’ naval smugglings, information regarding smugglers and equipment used for force build-up related to the Hamas terror group.

One of the Muslim terrorists apprehended is Mahmoud Bakir, a senior smuggler who worked with Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. His apprehension constitutes a significant operational achievement.

Hamas terror group has been the de facto governing force in Gaza since 2007, after it forcibly took leadership in the Battle of Gaza. Since then, it has continued to spend its resources on murdering Israeli civilians in a series of terror attacks.